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Being a pet owners myself I know that even the best trained pets have accidents from time to time. Those accidents can wreak havoc on carpet and furniture. In addition to stains, pet odor is a common problem. Removing the pet urine smell can be a challenging and frustrating process. Thats why at Executive Clean we offer a guarantee for pet odor and stain removal treatment.

Pet Odor Removal Process

When urine soaks beneath the carpet to the padding and the floor beneath, the pet odor is considered to be multi-layered. In these severe cases, the pet urine smell can be affecting the whole house. Executive Clean expert technicians use a sub-extraction method and special neutralizers to effectively eliminate pet urine and odors from your carpet.

Pet Odor Removal

Pet Stain Removal

Pet stains can be some of the most stubborn due to special dyes in the pet food. At Executive we use a special cleaning oxidizer solution to remove the unwanted stain from your carpet. The spot is then thoroughly rinsed. Pet stains are included in carpet cleaning process, but severe pet odor removal will be priced accordingly.

Executive Pet Odor Removal Vs Store Bought Products

Commercial odor and stain removers can sometimes do more harm than good. Most store bought products can (in most cases) make the stain and odor worse, if not permanent. A lot of store bought products have optical brighteners in them which make you think the stain is gone, but after a couple weeks you notice the stain is back. Then you apply more to the spot, which overtime sets the stain.

Pet Odor Removal Guarantee

We are confident that we can improve if not fully remove pet stains from your carpet and furniture. If we find during our inspection that we cannot improve the condition, we will honestly tell you. Executive Clean pet odor removal guarantee will not apply if pets are still living in the home. Call Executive Clean (580) 234-4777

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