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We are “Your Neighborhood Cleaning and Restoration Company.”

24/7 Emergency Water Removal

 The 24/7 Emergency Water Removal Response Team

Executive Clean’s 24/7 Emergency Water Removal Response Team is Enid’s preferred Water Mitigation Contractor.  As a family owned and operated business, we have successfully served the Enid area since 1994 with our expertise in water removal as well as our emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Carpet Cleaning

Executive Clean Carpet Cleaning  knows that a healthy home is a clean home and it starts with clean carpet.  Nothing cleans more thoroughly or protects your carpet better than the Executive steam cleaning method, also known as hot water extraction.  For over 19 years, Enid has relied on the professionalism of  Executive Carpet Cleaning to keep their carpet clean and free from allergens and toxins.

Cleaning Tips

Stain Removal Methods

A. Apply a small amount of dry cleaning solvent. (Available at grocery, drug or hardware stores.) Use small amounts to prevent any possible damage to sizing, backing, or stuffing materials. Do not use gasoline, lighter fluid, or other flammables.

B. Mix one teaspoon of white neutral detergent


Executive Cleaning Specials

Our Successful Project work

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